Chopin Singing Society of Buffalo © 2020

The Chopin Singing Society’s
Artistic Staff

Music & Choral Director - Dr. Thomas Witakowski

The Chopin Singing Society’s Officers

President - Gary Bienkowski
President Emeritus - Ann T. Mikoll

Vice President - Mary Lou Wyrobek

Secretary - Joanna Woyshner Brown
Financial Secretary - Fran Cirbus

Librarian – Melanie Murawski

Upcoming Events

Would you like to become
a member of
Chopin Singing Society,
or need more information? If so, call us at
(716) 884-7366

November 18, 2021 5:30 PM

Chopin Choir sings and records Koledy for the Polka Buzz Television program.

Potts Banquet Hall 40 S. Rossler St Cheektowaga

December 4, 2021 "Wigilia" 6:00 PM

Recreation of the Polish Christmas Eve Repast/Choir sings Koledy/St Nicholas visits

Millennium Hotel Walden Ave Cheektowaga

For tickets and additional information contact Fran Cirbus (716) 677-1355

Weekly ongoing recruitment of new members. Singers of all voices and ages are welcome !

Rehearsals Tuesday evenings 7:00 PM

Potts Banquet Hall 40 S. Rossler St Cheektowaga